Meeting SOAP members and learning from Farmer Jon

Farmer Jon Sarmiento

Thanks to Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines (SOAP) and Department of Agriculture (DOA), those who dream to grow their own food can have access to information and experts for FREE. Please join SOAP’s Facebook group page to get updates regarding their free seminars.

Yesterday, we were able to attend Farmer Jon Sarmiento’s full day discussion on Integrated Diversified Organic Farming. Informative as well as entertaining, the three of us (Omeng the hubby, Tala the daughter), felt it was a day well spent. So much passion and positive vibes from the attendees and vendors.

Check out the photos below from the seminar as well as the vendors from SOAP’s Agripreneur Market.

Farmer Jon Sarmiento

Farmer Jon Sarmiento discussing the WHY behind IDOFS


Surprise visit from Dept. of Agriculture’s Secretary Alcala

Lunch break at the ATI gardens

Lunch break at the ATI gardens. Next time we ought to bring our own baon — well, we’re hoping there’ll be more vendors selling lunch meals in the future. :)

Makiling Hillside Delicacies

Tala enjoying a cup of mango yogurt from Makiling Hillside Delicacies  (earlier, she had the pineapple version — takaw much!)

Mr. and Mrs. Limvalencia

So many goodies from Mr. and Mrs. Limvalencia’s booth! Since we still have raw honey from Bohol and homemade peanut butter from my mother-in-law from Butuan, we just got salted duck eggs and extra virgin coconut oil.

green coffee beans

Got curious about their green coffee beans.

green coffee

Luckily, they let me taste a cold brew. Green coffee tastes like strong tea.

Peanut butter, raw honey, virgin coconut oil, etc.

More organic goodies from Mr. and Mrs. Limvalencia: peanut butter, raw honey, virgin coconut oil, etc.

Gilded Grains

We bought 2 kilos of brown rice from Gilded Grains. They also have red and black variations.

Other vendors selling produce, herbs and shrubs

Other vendors selling produce, herbs and shrubs. Veggies and herbs got sold fast!

Choco Locco

Can’t go home without trying Choco Locco’s gourmet chocolates. Bought chili for Omeng, french vanilla for Tala and Coffee for me! I used to love coffee a lot but these two are chocoholics. 

Jane Lacap's beauty products

Had to whisper to Jane Lacap that I needed something with strong healing properties. She wanted to apply it right there and then but I had to decline — it’s for my cracked heels! LOL

Jane Lacap's beauty products

We bought the turmeric salve. 

Jane Lacap's baked goodies

Of course, we had to buy Jane’s choco banana nut cupcake. Her siling labuyo choco cookies were also good but I’m afraid Tala might ask for some.

Other vendors

There was also Milea Bee Farm’s booth, a booth selling LPW malunggay capsules and siomai — we missed the siomai! I went back 3-4 times but they’ve run out so I just got some malunggay capsules. 

Pili & Pino

Coco nectar and jams! We took home Pili & Pino’s calamansi marmalade. We should probably blog about each product we tried.

Looking forward to the next SOAP seminar!

Note: We’ll try to add every vendor we meet into LocaLove’s database. Sorry I still have to look for their websites and contact details. :)

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  1. stacy |, June 23, 2014 11:27 am - Meeting SOAP members and learning from Farmer Jon

    Love the concept of your blog =) I’m also curious about the green coffee, chilli chocolate and the salted duck eggs (I heard those are really good!).

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    • Profile pic

      April Ricafort-Custodio, June 24, 2014 1:11 am - Meeting SOAP members and learning from Farmer Jon

      Thanks! Hope we can map all the local artisanal or organic products someday to make it easier for people to find and support them.

      Oh, we liked the chili chocolate but the ones with french vanilla and coffee nibs disappeared in just a few minutes! :D Yes, the salted duck eggs taste better. Not too salty like the typical grocery kind. Checking out your blog right now… :D

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